Welcome 2022 with the colors of nature

Invite nature inside with shades of blue, grey, green, and brown sending a strong signal of a lifestyle in harmony with nature.
Nature will remain present in 2022 interiors
Relaxing and calming colors from nature’s pallet together with soft and natural materials give your interiors a welcoming and cozy feel, improving daily well-being.
After a year of big changes, with many restrictions leaving home, everyone wants their own personal sky, grass, forest, and sand under their feet. And that is what you get with the interior trends of 2022.
Green will be a top color trend for 2022
In all cultures, green is the symbolic shade of the need to restart, turn around and resist. This is relevant as ever at the beginning of a new year with new hopes and possibilities.
Shades of green can be added to your home interior with sliding doors in different tones. Use a combination of green and wood for a varied look.


Let yourself be inspired by the variety in the NOTEBORN Brochure.
Blue is a key color in 2022
Blue reminds us of clear skies and the mighty ocean.  In the interior blue has been a trend for years and it will continue to be so. Blue brings elegance, relaxation, and serenity to your home.
Decorate your bedroom with tones of blue lacquered or glass sliding doors and create a personal feel.
Calm down with shades of brown
Brown is a comforting color that provides the feeling of security in a chaotic world where the only thing that is constant is new challenges. The warm notes of brown bring in a cozy atmosphere to your home.
Wood is a trend material and is making a comeback from the ´90s. Together with brown lacquered surfaces wood will add the desired brownish feeling.

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