Wardrobe design

The perfect wardrobe does not exist, but we can design a wardrobe that is perfect for you.
Here you can find some inspiration for your wardrobe design.

Do you dream of a new, functional wardrobe, but find it difficult to find out what the right solution is for you?  You are not the only one. We have created help and inspiration to guide you to find a wardrobe that matches you and your needs perfectly.

Below we have collected some tips on how to design the perfect wardrobe.

Design tips to the perfect wardrobe

We have asked our designers about some good advice to create the perfect wardrobe.

Take advantage of the height of the room

Take advantage of the height in your space and place the things you rarely use at the top. With a smart swing bar, you can use even the top of the closet for shirts and jackets.
Sliding doors with floor-to-ceiling dimensions provide an elegant concealment of your things and a calm and stylish look.

Take a look at all our accesories

Choose the right interior

The need for storage in the wardrobe is individual, so it is important that you choose the layout of your wardrobe to suit your needs.

Choose from shoe shelves, drawers, pull-out drawers and insert boxes so that the wardrobe is designed the way you want your wardrobe to be arranged.


Don’t forget light in the wardrobe so you can find what you need both early and late. The right lighting also gives your wardrobe an exclusive look.


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