Walk-in inspiration

Find inspiration for your walk-in. Let yourself dream and be inspired by a luxurious walk-in.

Imagine the feeling of walking into your luxurious walk-in where you have full overview of your clothes, shoes, accessories and bags – all neat and tidy, organized and beautiful. 

Today the walk-in wardrobe has become an extra room, and many households have it directly connected to the master bedroom.

Of course it is important that your walk-in closet is well designed, and that no space is lost – space that you can utilize for all your beloved items.

Plan your walk-in

We have gathered some designers’ tips and tricks to make your walk-in closet extra functional on a daily basis.

Place your clothes on hangers

Hang as much of your clothes as possible, preferably at two heights. The benefits are extra space, easy access and non-iron clothing. Utilize the corners of your walk-in with hangers which will give you easy access to your clothes.

Hang your pants

Trousers are best left hanging on a pants pull-out. This makes it easier to find the pants when you need them, and it keeps them freshly ironed and takes up less space in your walk-in.

Shoe show off

If you just love shoe – and want to give them a special place in your walk-in – shoe shelves is the best place to store your darlings. You have the complete overview and the shoes are not placed stacked in the corner or in the bottom of your wardrobe.

An Island to your favorite belongings

Jewelry, lingerie and silk stockings can be placed in drawers in the middle of the walk-in. And if you want to see your beloved items, a beautiful glass top can give you that opportunity.


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