So many shoes, so little space

We understand the struggle! Be inspired and get the best shoe storage ideas to maximize even small spaces for your shoes – without clutter. 

Have you ever noticed that your whole house tends to be one giant shoe storage space? By the entrance door you will find your sneakers, your slippers by the couch and your high heels next to your bed. It seems as if there is never enough space for your shoes. But think smart and incorporate storage that frees up your floor space and creates harmony in your home – and creates more space for even more shoes. We have found some of the best shoe storage ideas to inspire you and your beloved shoes. 

Utilize blind spots 
Limited space in your home is often a challenge but find the hidden spaces to create storage space. With a bespoke wardrobe you can utilize even the smallest spaces. Slopped ceilings are no challenge. With a bespoke sliding door wardrobe, you will get 30% more storage space – room for even more shoes. 

Ever thought of the space under the stairs as a perfect way to store shoes? Place your sneakers and slippers in pretty, woven baskets under the stairs or next to the entrance door. Neat and tidy in a minute. Or utilize the space for a bespoke shoe closet. With a small entryway, try lifting the shoes off of the floor, try adding a shoe rack or some shelves. 

One of those lucky ones? 
Do you have a spacious walk-in that most of us dream of? Then remember space for your shoes. Organize and prioritize so the shoes that you use most often are easy to access. With designated shoe shelves, your beloved shoes will be beautifully displayed. When designing room for your shoes in your walk-in or wardrobe, consider how many shelves you need. Do you prefer fixed shelves or pull-out shoe shelves where you have a nice overview? Are you already struggling to find space on your shelves, try alternating the way the shoes face. This will create more space, and you will be able to fit more pairs of shoes on one shelf. 

Design your own space for your shoes – and remember to make room for new ones. 

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