Noteborn Wardrobe lighting

Complete your wardrobe with Noteborn wardrobe lighting.

Nothing is more pleasant than when you can find exactly the right garments or accessories in your wardrobe, even in the dark. To make this easy, lighting in your wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe is essential! Noteborn offers various lighting solutions for your wardrobe with sliding doors or hinged doors.

In addition to the recessed LED spotlights in the shelves, you can also choose the sleek line of an LED light strip that elegantly disappears into the shelf and provides even atmospheric lighting. But also with the vertical LED strip in a thin profile you can provide your wardrobe with the light you need to make your choice of clothes. The lighting can be controlled with a switch or a motion sensor, you control the lighting of your wardrobe from anywhere you want. Our wardrobe lighting provides quality and pleasant lighting in a warm colour temperature. Complete your wardrobe with Noteborn wardrobe lighting.

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