Noteborn Home Office

Workspace and home office ideas that help you maximize space and creativity
Having a home office might seem like an impossible dream, but it’s easy to fit one into your home when you know how. Almost any space in the home can be turned into a useful home office. Whether you have an extra home office room or you’re hoping to create a work or hobby area in your living room, dining room or even your bedroom, Noteborn has the inspiration and advice you need. With a little planning you can get the most out of your costly space and still make it look really sharp. 
Save square meters by effectively storing and organizing with our made to measure Noteborn solutions. Keep your archives out of sight with beautifully tailored sliding doors or put anything you like on display on the shelves.
When you work from home, which many of us do these days, it’s even more important to create a really welcoming workspace. You want to make sure that it is relaxing, pleasing and inspiring. Add pieces to your space that ring in creativity without distracting you from tasks at hand. Immediately make your work area look like an extension of your home with a few decorative desk accessories. Add framed photos and some decorative items to make it more personal or store your pens in a decorative mug. 

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