Noteborn Essential

Noteborn designs, makes, and assembles the walk-in wardrobe, wall unit, or dressing
area that you have in mind.

Do you dream of a stunning wardrobe, wall unit, or a customized walk-in wardrobe? But you
think your budget is too tight? Stop dreaming and head over to Noteborn Essential! We offer
a unique range of basic elements, interiors, and accessories for your ideal made-to-measure
wardrobe. Work with our top specialists to create your dream wardrobe according to your
exact specifications, and have our professional fitters complete the final product in your
home. Noteborn Essential is the one-stop-shop solution for those in search of something
truly exceptional. A real Noteborn at an affordable price…

Let's talk

Have a look at the NOTEBORN collection at a showroom near you.
If you make an appointment before your visit, we can schedule a meeting with you.
During your first visit, we will draw up an initial design and give you a price estimate,
entirely free of obligation.
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