Bookshelf 38³

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Do you think of bookcases as boring and dusty? Not if they’re by Noteborn!

38³ is a bookcase system that is composed of perfectly symmetrical compartments measuring 38 x 38 x 38 cm. The height and width is entirely up to you - up to a maximum of 6 x 6 compartments.

Are you satisfied with the composition? You can have the back of each compartment executed in the colour and finish of your choice, as colourful, austere or transparent as you wish.

The 38³ offers you an unlimited number of combinations in composition as well as detail. The bookcase can, for example, be provided with doors wherever you want them. If you want to add a little more colour, simply use lacquered glass.

Both the back and the surfaces of the shelves can be provided with glass plates in virtually all colours of the rainbow.

Do you prefer freedom of design to symmetry? If you do, you might consider our Books line.

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