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  • Who do I contact to see more of your collection?

    We have an extensive dealer network you can contact for expert advice. You can find your nearest dealer under the ‘Dealers & Showrooms’ tab on the website. Contact them for obligation-free advice on the many custom-made solutions for your storage problems.

  • Should I take my own measurements for a tailor-made wardrobe?

    We suggest taking several measurements with you to your first appointment with the dealer, but the dealer would be happy to take these measurements for you if you prefer. Should you choose to accept the commission, a trained employee will take precise measurements to ensure your closet fits seamlessly in your interior.

  • Are there any costs associated with having measurements taken at my home?

    No. If you would like one of our dealers to take precise measurements for you, this is entirely obligation-free and free of charge. Should the dealer nevertheless find it necessary to charge you for this service, this will be discussed with you in advance.

  • What will my wardrobe look like?

    We offer a wide range of basic elements, styles and shapes. You and your wardrobe designer will decide on the exact measurements, materials, fittings and interiors to create a customised solution to your specific storage problem. With the help of our design programme, we will create a 3D visualisation to give you a realistic idea of what the wardrobe and accessories will look like.

  • Can I change my wardrobe after placing my order?

    You can make as many changes as you like until the wardrobe is put into production. After that, changes will no longer be possible. Please contact your dealer to discuss the possibilities. We always strive for customer satisfaction and an optimal end result!

  • When will the wardrobe be delivered?

    All of our wardrobes are unique. Your wardrobe is custom-manufactured to your specifications, which means it is not a stock item. In general, your wardrobe will be delivered to your dealer 5 to 6 weeks after the order is placed. The dealer will then contact you to make an appointment for assembly.

  • Who will assemble my wardrobe?

    Our sliding doors and wardrobe interiors are assembled by qualified employees at our dealer locations. These employees will ensure that your wardrobe is perfectly assembled and that all parts work smoothly. You can consult with your dealer about having someone else assemble the wardrobe, but we advise against this.

  • How much does a Noteborn wardrobe cost?

    The price depends on your preferred materials, colours and accessories. To give you an indication of the different price points, please consult the ‘Example Price List’ on our website.

  • Does my wardrobe come with a warranty?

    We offer a 10-year warranty on all moving parts.

  • How do I clean my wardrobe, doors or other furniture?

    For the production of our wardrobes, doors and other furniture, we primarily use laminated chipboard, glass and aluminium. These materials are easy to clean with standard cleaning products, such as Glassex. Avoid contact with acidic or corrosive cleaning products.

  • Which colours are available?

    You can choose from eleven contemporary finishes for your wardrobe interior. All of our interiors and single pieces of furniture can be ordered in these finishes. The finishes are also available as door panels. You can also choose from a wide collection of lacquered glass and more than 40 patterns. Visit one of our dealers or showrooms for inspiration.

  • Can I order more accessories at a later date?

    Absolutely. Many of our accessories can be easily ordered and assembled at a later date. If you already own a Noteborn you can rest assured that our latest innovations can all be perfectly paired with older pieces. Feel free to consult your Noteborn dealer for more information.

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