Different materials
create different feelings

Have you ever considered that a wardrobe might be an individual design element in your interior design?
Or do you prefer an almost invisible wardrobe that blends in with the rest of your home? 

Either way, we recommend that you consider how much space you have and how much natural light. Your choice of colours and materials for your new wardrobe makes a huge difference regarding the tone of your new wardrobe.

We have listed some options below – then you can pick and choose as you like.

New Yorker Style at home?
Are you in love with New York and the industrial look? Sliding doors with glass fillings and dark bars give you a feeling of the Big Apple. It gives you a light and transparent look with an exclusive feeling – even at small spaces. NOTEBORN Nano Plus is the ideal solution for you. These profiles are available in four different colours, plain aluminium, stainless steel look, white and mocca. Naturally, you can choose your own door furnishings to create a unique wardrobe system.

In a minimalistic home with sharp lines, coloured glass fillings on your wardrobe will give you an elegant solution that supports your interior choice.

The fine choice
Beautiful, old wall panels, stucco ceilings and country living call for style focusing on the fine details. Choose a wardrobe that fits its surroundings, so the wardrobe fits naturally into your home. NOTEBORN Swing Cottage is an attractive swinging door with a rustic charm that fits perfectly to the style of the old house with soul. You can design the wardrobe with colours that match your home and style. Swing Cottage comes with no handles, but can also be fitted with different classic handles that accentuate the door’s charming country appeal. And with NOTEBORN made to measure, you utilize every space.

Designed to stand out
Daredevil or not. NOTEBORN offers a wide range of colours, so why not dare to do something different? Let the wardrobe be an individual design element, and choose your favourite colour – be pink, purple or green. Dare to let you wardrobe stand out and say wow.

Think of coherence in your interior
If you choose a theme for your interior, it will provide you with a home that is coherent and pleasant to be in. Choose materials for your wardrobe that will support and reinforce the style. Find your local NOTEBORN dealer and see how we might help you.

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