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Walk-in wardrobe

Do you dream of a wardrobe with a perfect overview? Where it is easy to keep order and where things have fixed places? The solution is a walk-in wardrobe. Get our best tips to create the perfect walk-in wardrobe here.

Top 3 arguments for choosing a walk-in wardrobe

Do you lack arguments for choosing a walk-in closet? Here are the top three:

Walk-in wardrobe | NOTEBORN

#1: It’s quick to find today’s outfit in a walk-in wardrobe because the open wardrobe solution provides a perfect overview and makes it easy to keep order.

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#2: When the wardrobe has its own space, there is a calm atmosphere in the bedroom, and you protect your clothes from dust, odors and moisture.

Walk-in wardrobe | NOTEBORN

#3: The storage space can be utilized to the maximum with a walk-in wardrobe that can be adjusted to ceiling height and oblique angles.

Can we help you?

A walk-in wardrobe is a luxury in everyday life and can be designed in even limited space.

If you need help and advice designing your walk-in wardrobe, please don’t hesitate to visit one of our NOTEBORN showrooms. Here you can see the possibilities and have a talk with our professional wardrobe designers.

Find your walk-in shape

There are several basic shapes that you can use when drawing your walk-in wardrobe. The shape you choose depends on your wardrobe needs and how much space you have.

I-shape: Here, the walk-in wardrobe is one long solution that either stands up against the wall or is used as a room divider.

Parallel shape: Two wardrobes facing each other define the parallel shape. This shape allows you to use your walk-in wardrobe as a corridor to the next room or you can divide the wardrobe and the bedroom with sliding doors.

The U- and L-shape: A U-shaped walk-in closet provides plenty of storage options, and if you have the space, it is obvious to decorate the wardrobe with a seating area or a storage island and a large mirror.

Design your walk-in wardrobe personally

Shelves, drawers, pull-outs and hanger bars ensure order in your walk-in wardrobe and can be placed exactly where it makes sense for you.

Think about how many long dresses and coats there should be room for, and whether you would rather hang the clothes on hangers or put them on shelves or in drawers. It matters when the walk-in wardrobe is designed.

Is space limited?

Even if you don’t have much space, don’t give up on your dream wardrobe. It’s often possible to make room for a walk-in wardrobe if you think creatively.

If your bedroom is long and narrow, you can use your walk-in wardrobe as a room divider. The two sections can be separated by sliding doors that do not take up space in the room.

You can also choose sliding doors with mirror filling and thereby get a smart two-in-one solution that does not take up space.

Dress-up completes your walk-in wardrobe

Dress-up is a two-sided freestanding island with a glass plate on the top. It is efficient storage with a touch of luxury as the glass makes the content of the top drawer visible.

Display your jewelry, sunglasses, belts or scarves as in a luxury store and get the total overview when you are dressing up.

Interior for your walk-in wardrobe

With our flexible storage systems, you can design your walk-in wardrobe 100% according to your dreams.

Ad a touch of New York

It’s easy to add a touch of New York to your walk-in wardrobe. Design your sliding doors with black profiles and glass fillings, and add interior in dark wood decors – then you are there.

We have collected the five key design elements you must know to get the New Yorker look.

Would you like more inspiration?

Have a look at our latest catalogue. 164 pages of exclusive wardrobe solutions designed to inspire you.

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