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Tiny flat design ideas

High-design doesn’t need many square meters.

A small apartment arrangement represents a struggle for some, but for us it’s the perfect opportunity to create a cozy, stylish and unique ambiance.
Get ready, your new tiny paradise awaits!

5 tips for the perfect small apartment arrangement

Break down the limits

#1: Finding the perfect furniture is usually the first challenge, but when you have complete control of shapes and sizes, facing sloping walls and narrow corners, far from being an issue, it represents a thrilling task.

To get the most out of every inch of your apartment, you must work with all your wit and imagination, designing elements that will seamlessly match your space. We can help you find tailor-made solutions that will not only fit your home measurements, but will make your dream living space come to life. 

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All is in the details

#2: The easiest trick to transform any room is decoration, so feel free to add details of what best fits your personality: plants, frames, photographs or musical instruments. You can also create smart interactions between elements: a flower pot can mark the limit between your bedroom and living room, or you can turn a closet into an office space. 

We suggest keeping it simple; of course the flat must feel like yours, but always keep in mind that you may be compromising space with each element you add.

Smart storage

#3: How to manage everything and keep it clean, easy, and handy?

One of the key perks, when you design your own wardrobe, is that you can select and store your most precious pieces of clothing while pairing them with beautiful complementary design. For instance, you can implement our pull-down hanger which could be ideal for hanging clothes while using areas of difficult reach in your space.

Also, you can use our Noteborn storage accessories to manage smaller pieces such as shoes, jewelry or utensils, an option that is convenient and stylish.

Make it shine

#4: Lighting is crucial to create an atmosphere where you really feel at home. Many good tiny flat design ideas are hidden in the shadows. The best way to make them glow is to take advantage of lighting, be it natural or artificial. 

Allow the sun to freely come in and subtly reflect on a piece of furniture or bright-toned decoration. If your windows are small or you don’t have direct sunlight, you can resort to a warm lighting system, play with its intensity and make it match your mood, for moments of concentration or total relaxation.

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Hues of style

#5: Naturally, this point depends entirely on your taste. Even though white is the colour that reflects light the most, you may consider playing with other options that are also bright, with which you could show the uniqueness of your home without sacrificing visibility and the feeling of spaciousness. 

Clear neutral tones such as beige, cream, grey or green can create luminous, fresh, enveloping ceilings, carpets or walls that you can merge with a wardrobe with sliding or hinged doors in similar tones to get a sophisticated touch.

Can we help you?

If you need help and advice designing your wardrobe, please don’t hesitate to visit one of our NOTEBORN showrooms. 

Here you can see the possibilities and have a talk with our professional wardrobe designers.

Ad a touch of New York

It’s easy to add a touch of New York to your walk-in wardrobe. Design your sliding doors with black profiles and glass fillings, and add interior in dark wood decors – then you are there.

We have collected the five key design elements you must know to get the New Yorker look.

Would you like more inspiration?

Have a look at our latest catalogue. 164 pages of exclusive wardrobe solutions designed to inspire you.

You can order the catalogue here or look it through online and get inspiration for your wardrobe project.

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