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Nothing says effortless cool and easy like an industrial-style living – and that is very much ‘the thing’ right now. Exposed brick and concrete walls create the perfect setting for this trend. It’s about exposing building materials. It’s about an unfinished, raw design. And it’s about carefully chosen design elements.

5 key design elements you must know to get the New Yorker look

Exposed brick walls and visible pipes are one of the key elements of the New Yorker style.

Rough and raw building materials like concrete, timber, brick, steel and wrought iron are the things to look for when you want an industrial look.

New Yorker style brick wall
New Yorker style bedroom I NOTEBORN

Metal, glass and timber elements are also elements of industrial-style homes.

These materials blend well together and give the space a warm, harmonious and earthy touch.

One signature element of industrial interior design is the presence of clear glass and steel.

A Nano sliding door in New Yorker style will bring exclusivity and luxury feel to the rough materials – and still blend in with glass panels, black profiles and segmentation bars.

Matrix Sliding Doors | NOTEBORN

The New Yorker style features high ceilings and open-plan floors.

Made-to-measure sliding doors from NOTEBORN can be designed to separate spaces and still emphasize the desired transparency.

Open storage that gives you the perfect overview is preferable if you dream of the New Yorker look.

A walk-in wardrobe can fulfill this dream and be designed precisely as you wish.

We are here for you

There are many ways to design the New Yorker look and many things that you may be in doubt about.

Visit one of our NOTEBORN showrooms if you need help and advice with your wardrobe or sliding door solution, or if you just need inspiration.

New Yorker glass sliding doors

Do you want a bit of New York in your home – we have the solution for you. Your design does not have to end with the wardrobe. Create a made-to-measure dresser or island to complete your solution.

With NOTEBORN Nano you can design the perfect New York style sliding doors to fit the industrial look.

With clear glass and black profiles and perhaps segmentation bars, you have a door that is perfect for this industrial interior trend. 

Would you like more inspiration?

Have a look at our latest catalogue. 164 pages of exclusive wardrobe solutions designed to inspire you.

You can order the catalogue here or look it through online and get inspiration for your wardrobe project.

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