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Walk-in inspiration

Walk-in inspiration Find inspiration for your walk-in. Let yourself dream and be inspired by a luxurious walk-in. Imagine the feeling of walking into your luxurious walk-in where you have full overview of your clothes, shoes, accessories and bags – all neat and tidy, organized and beautiful. Today the walk-in wardrobe has become an extra room,

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Wardrobe guide

Wardrobe design The perfect wardrobe does not exist, but we can design a wardrobe that is perfect for you. Here you can find some inspiration for your wardrobe design. Do you dream of a new, functional wardrobe, but find it difficult to find out what the right solution is for you?  You are not the

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Different materials create different feelings

Different materials create different feelings Have you ever considered that a wardrobe might be an individual design element in your interior design?Or do you prefer an almost invisible wardrobe that blends in with the rest of your home?  Either way, we recommend that you consider how much space you have and how much natural light.

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Designed to fit your home

Designed to fit your home Sloping walls are often a challenge when it comes to furniture. It is often said that it is impossible to find a good wardrobe because of sloping walls. And yes, it is difficult if you settle for standard solutions, but with a bespoke solution you can get a wardrobe that

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Be your own designer

Be your own designer Ever wondered how it would be to design and create your own dream wardrobe? Why dream of it when you can actually do it? NOTEBORN offers you the opportunity to design your wardrobe so it fits your needs and your style as well as your room. Everything is made according to

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