Designed to fit your home

Sloping walls are often a challenge when it comes to furniture.

It is often said that it is impossible to find a good wardrobe because of sloping walls. And yes, it is difficult if you settle for standard solutions, but with a bespoke solution you can get a wardrobe that is not only made to measure your house, but also to fit your needs and wishes for design. At NOTEBORN we make your wardrobe to fit you and your home.

You decide the interior

With your local NOTEBORN dealer, you can design and decorate your new wardrobe to fit your measures perfectly. And the inside of the wardrobe offers a wide selection of possibilities to fit your needs. Do you want many shelves? Or do you have many shirts and long dresses? And what about bags, scarfs and ties? We have a solution for it all.

Why waste good storage space because of sloping walls? Sloping walls offer a perfect opportunity to utilize the space for storage. With a made to measure wardrobe you get more than 30% more storage space.




Little space?

If you have the space, hinged doors on your wardrobe give an exclusive look. However, if you only have little space, we recommend sliding doors as they do not take up space in the room even if the doors are open. And with a bespoke solution you can utilize the space to the ceiling to storage of things you do not use so often.

You can choose to let your wardrobe go all the way to the sloping walls, but you can also choose to end the section with open shelves to give a lighter impression.


Let's talk

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During your first visit, we will draw up an initial design and give you a price estimate,
entirely free of obligation.
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