Design colours 2023

We are happy to present our new colours. We have babtized the launch Design Colours – because it is indeed what we encourage you to do: to play and design with the colours to create the perfect wardrobe solution for your customers.

The Design Colours will be released on February 1, 2023. And the spring will also include other interesting product releases.

 Earthy tones – Nordic Nature

From our green forests to our blue oceans. From our granite grey mountains to our sandy beaches. From the frost of the winter morning to the roaring thunder of the summer. To find what we were looking for, we looked where it all started. In our nature. Here we found the colours for our new collection. They are a harmonious and calm colour collection. Inspired by our Nordic nature. All the colours are carefully hand-picked by our experts to last over time.

We make it possible. Add colour to your design.

Flat lay of creative architect moodboard composition with samples of building, textile and natural materials and personal accessories. Top view, green background, template.

Carini Walnut offers a classic walnut appearance with a modern touch. Its soft planking makes it suitable for small accent pieces as well as large surface applications. The Carini Walnut looks particularly modern with its gray undertones and works well with solid colors. The colour signals exclusivity, but also coziness, warmth and homeliness.

B188 Carini Walnut is available as door filling and 22 mm interior.

Came beige is a greyed-out light beige decor that is flexible in use. In combination with dark wood, it shows a warm contrast. The texture gives the entire uni palette a matt feel.

A078 Came beige is available as door filling and 22 mm interior.

Green Artichoke is Ideal to create a classic look that is both trendy and glamorous. Try and combine it with dark wood like walnut for a perfect fusion of modernity, intimacy and elegance.

Q016 Coloured glass, Green artichoke is available as door filling.

Graphical lines and textures

The graphical details will break the soft expressions and thus give the home an edge. Contrasts in our interior make the style relevant and vibrant, and you can play with light and shadow, soft and hard to achieve this contrast.

Soft black is a deep black with a warm brown hue. Soft black belongs to the trendy ”almost black” colour family. For furniture design, it provides an elegant contrast to dark brown woodgrain colours such as walnut. This colour offers a soft alternative to black in environments where a strong contrast is required. The texture gives the entire solid colour a natural matte finish.

A079 Soft black is available as door filling and 22 mm interior.

Cleaf by Decolegno

The collection from the Italian brand Cleaf is unique in its kind. Technical innovation makes it possible to develop true-to-nature decors and structures that match those of natural materials in terms of appearance. Think of wood, natural stone, concrete, metallics, fabric, leather and contemporary uni colours.

We will introduce 16 decors from Cleaf including Primofiore, Reflex, Penelope, Cheop, Concreta, Ares and Ovata.

Other novelties include Parsol dark grey glass and SIBU Monsoon vintage.

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