NOTEBORN Wall is much more than simply a board mounted behind a bed; it is a comprehensive collection of wall panels with a myriad of creative possibilities. 
Unleash your inner interior designer and give your bedroom a unique NOTEBORN touch with NOTEBORN Wall.

Here are several suggestions:
Put Wall behind your bed in the same colour and design as your freestanding bed.
Turn Wall into a decorative element. How about wainscoting?
Or put it to efficient use as a panel with a storage function. You can also add floating bedside tables.

For more creative ideas for your bedroom have a look at our collection of beds, bedside tables and mirrors.

Let's talk

Have a look at the NOTEBORN collection at a showroom near you.
If you make an appointment before your visit, we can schedule a meeting with you.
During your first visit, we will draw up an initial design and give you a price estimate,
entirely free of obligation.
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