If you have enough space for hinged doors, you may want to consider our Swing line: Attractive doors that can be custom-fitted to your wardrobe or wall unit. Hinged doors will suit every room in your Home, and with NOTEBORN made-to-measure, the wardrobe will fit you and your home perfectly.

Ever thought of making storage around a door? Making a bridge over the door and utilizing all space? NOTEBORN makes dreaming easy.

Our swinging doors can be supplied with or entirely without handles. Doors without handles are equipped with our tip-on mechanism: a light tap on the door and it will open automatically.

Your NOTEBORN consultant will be happy to help you choose exactly the finish and dimensions that appeal to your imagination. Tall swinging doors from floor to ceiling give a wardrobe a stately appearance, but you may prefer a model that is not as high to lead the eye into the distance and give your room a more spacious appearance.

You may also want to have a look at our Swing Cottage and Swing High-Gloss doors.


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