Bedsite Tables 

A bedside table that can be made exactly to suit your own unique tastes? Meet NOTEBORN’s Night collection!

Night is part of the Noteborn bedroom collection. In addition to bedside tables, this collection offers a range of beds, wall panels and mirrors.

You can opt for stand-alone elements in the same materials and colours to create a perfect harmony of style in your bedroom  – or exactly the opposite, if you prefer.

Are you daring enough to have your Night designed with a mirror front?
Or how about fire engine red? Invite your Noteborn consultant to brainstorm with you and create a bedside table that is completely unique!

Let's talk

Have a look at the NOTEBORN collection at a showroom near you.
If you make an appointment before your visit, we can schedule a meeting with you.
During your first visit, we will draw up an initial design and give you a price estimate,
entirely free of obligation.
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