The new season with Autumn colours has begun

With the end of the summer in sight we slowly go back inside our house from the outside.

We seek out the warmth of the fireplace again and with the changing colours of nature, the skies and the temperatures it starts to tickle and you feel like changing your interior. Time to go through the trends for the coming season and get inspired. This autumn is all about even more colour. All walls can be painted in warm tones such as rust brown, ochre yellow or dark green, but also wallpaper with nature prints are a rich addition to your interior.

Do you think it’s time to give your bedroom a makeover? Take the natural elements with you. Combine a wooden floor with one of the natural wood decors for your wardrobe. Together with the warm shades of lacquered glass or the attractive leather-look decors for the sliding doors, you are ready for the new season.

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